What Does a Property Manager Do?

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If you are losing sleep due to worrying about managing your rental property, call RENU Investor Property Management Delaware Valley/ Philadelphia. 

When it comes to caring for homes in Philadelphia, property managers do it all. It is their responsibility to market and fill the property, manage tenant needs, set and adjust rent as needed. Property managers can also handle the tough stuff like evictions, repairs and more.

Essentially, your property manager is the face of your rental property. When you choose a great property management service, your tenants will be happy and your property will be highly competitive between new residents. Whether you own a property in Philadelphia, West Chester, Norristown or another part of the area, choosing a responsible property manager is a smart move.

Tenant Responsibilities

There’s no shortage of renters in Philadelphia, Norristown or West Chester, but how to find the perfect folks to live in your rental property? A real property manager has the connections to get the word out about your place. Good advertising makes the property more competitive, leaving you with the best renters. A property manager is responsible for finding tenants, screening them, handling any complaints on their behalf or the neighbors. They can also charge tenants for any damages to your home.

The best property managers have a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania tenant law. So you can count on them to ethically choose tenants, handle security deposits and rent, terminate leases, comply with safety standards and even evict unwanted tenants.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Between freezing winters, blazing summers and simple accidents, there’s a lot that can happen to your property in Philadelphia. Whether your tenants are responsible or an unfortunate accident strikes, your property manager has connections with contractors and repair experts to take care of the trouble. Under the right conditions, your property manager will charge tenants for damages. They also perform preventative maintenance like pest extermination, landscaping and other services to keep your current tenants happy and the property appealing.

Property Managers are Responsible for Your Profits

If you really want to make money on your property in Norristown, West Chester or Philly, a property manager can certainly help. With property management services, you get all the perks of collecting rent, fees and deposits without the hard work of dealing with maintenance and renters. Additionally, your property management service can set up a budget for the property, maintain records, collect and adjust rent as needed and even help you file taxes correctly.

Treat your home in Philadelphia, Norristown or West Chester right with assistance from the best property managers in the area. RENU Management has been in the property management business for years and has in-depth, local experience. To learn more about our services, get a no-cost rental analysis here.

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