Rental Investor Property Management Services in Philadelphia, PA

Holding property in the Philadelphia area is a great way to make a profit. Whether you invest in one single-family home, multiple properties or a large multi-unit complex, acting as a DIY landlord can be time-consuming. Between making the property fit to rent to finding high-quality renters and maintaining the building, your earnings can disappear fast. Instead, consider working with RENU Management of Philadelphia. We provide a full range of residential property management services, such as:

Preparing the Home or Commercial Property for Rent

Before you start renting your property in Philly, you need to make sure the space is safe and comfortable to your future tenants. This may mean pricey renovations such as floor and wall coverings, lights, plumbing and more. Depending on other rental properties nearby, you might also want to upgrade appliances and add new amenities to see the biggest profits. RENU can do that for you!

Our property managers can also suggest the best rates for rent and how to handle utilities. We have deep knowledge of Philadelphia neighborhoods, zoning authorities and how to set up a home to attract great tenants.

Showing the Property & Locating Renters

When your property is up for rent, you need to get the word out to high-quality tenants right away. At RENU Management, we offer professional outdoor signage and premier internet marketing, including searchable listings featuring pro photography and enticing written descriptions of your space. Every day your property is empty means lost money.

When it comes to finding the right tenants for your space, we can provide renters tours to prospects, along with comprehensive background checks, including rental history, proof of income, criminal history and credit history. These reports add up, even when you ask the renter to foot part of the cost, but we have agreements that save our property owners money.

Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs

Making a profit from your financial investments in Philadelphia requires regular quality maintenance. We do complete inspections inside and out while you have tenants, plus keep to a regular maintenance schedule. When things go wrong, you ought to make repairs ASAP. Our experienced property managers know how to see big problems ahead of time, and we have a network of local handyman contractors available in case of problems. We are here for renters 24/7, including nights and weekends.

Financial Matters

Careful tenant screening lessens your chances of running into financial problems, but disputes may still come about. The first and best prevention method is to make it easy for tenants to pay rent on time. We offer online tools that allow for scheduled online payments and that put money in your account every month. If we don’t get paid, we know what to do. From getting a hold of renters to filing the correct documents in case an eviction is necessary, we take care of all the details. Afterward, we can jump in with any needed maintenance and renovation and reduce vacancy periods with online marketing and listings.

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At RENU Management in Philadelphia, PA, we aim to build communities and help you make money in real estate. Our responsive, reliable staff has the know-how required to help you maximize profit while reducing stress. Contact us today to discover how our cost-effective and comprehensive property management services can help you reach long-term success.

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