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If you are losing sleep due to worrying about managing your rental property, call RENU Investor Property Management Delaware Valley/Philadelphia.

Owning property in the West Chester area can be a profitable strategy, but preparing the rental, finding good tenants and maintaining the building can eat into your bottom line in a hurry. Whether you have a small or large real estate investment portfolio, being a landlord can be costly. If you’re considering hiring residential property management services in West Chester is wise, remember the following:

Preparing the Home or Commercial Property for Lease

One of the hardest parts of being a property manager starts at the beginning. Your residential property may need renovations, such as new plumbing or light fixtures. Depending on other rental properties nearby, you might also choose to upgrade appliances or install new amenities. When your rental property is in great condition, you can ask for higher quality tenants and higher monthly rent.
Learning about fair pricing, setting rental fees, utilities and other costs can be a real headache if you’re operating as an independent landlord. With RENU Management, your West Chester, PA rental is in good hands. We have extensive experience in zoning rules, setting rent and more.

Finding Renters & Showing the Property

When your real estate is up for rent, you need to sign trustworthy renters right away. This requires getting word out that your property is available. We offer professional outdoor signage and top quality online marketing, including searchable listings that feature professional photos and enticing descriptions of your space. Every day your property remains vacant is a financial hit.
We also give prospective tenants tours and make sure they care for your property and pay on schedule. With RENU Management, your renters will undergo comprehensive background checks, including proof of income, rental and criminal history and credit history. These reports get expensive, even when you ask the tenant to foot part of the cost, but we have negotiated premium rates with providers. The applications we provide to prospective tenants follow federal, state and local guidelines, so you know everything on paper is trustworthy and fair.

Repairs, Maintenance & Inspections

If you want to start renting in West Chester, your property should be in good condition. We do scheduled exterior and interior inspections while you have tenants, while keeping a regular maintenance schedule. If problems occur, you ought to make repairs ASAP. Our skilled property managers know how to spot small problems before they become big ones. With our network of local repair technicians available in case of problems, we’re here for renters 24/7.

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At RENU Management in West Chester, PA, we serve landlords and renters alike. Owning a rental property can be a lucrative venture, especially when done correctly. Let us take the stress off with rental property management from our team near West Chester. Get in touch with us today to find out how our property management services can help you find long-term success.

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