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We care for your home as if it were our own.

If you are losing sleep due to worrying about managing your rental property, call RENU Investor Property Management Delaware Valley/Philadelphia.

Owning property in the Norristown area can be profitable, but planning before the lease, selecting good renters and maintaining the building can eat into your profits quickly. Our highly qualified rental property management company saves you stress while our affordable prices put you in control. If you are thinking about signing with a rental property management company in Norristown, look for a company like RENU Management who helps with the following:

Preparing the Home or Commercial Property for Lease

Before the property is available to the public, a landlord needs to make sure it’s comfortable and functional for future renters. We can suggest specific renovations and recommend contractors to help improve your property if needed. The more functional and attractive your property, the more you can ask for it. RENU Management can help you set rental rates, connect and charge for utilities and more. We also help you follow local zoning laws or HOA requirements. Trust our property managers to help you make good decisions.

Showing the Property & Selecting Tenants

Once your real estate is ready to rent, you need to locate good tenants quickly. RENU Management offers professional outdoor signage and posts searchable listings featuring professional photography and enticing descriptions of your space.
When filling your rental space, it’s important to find trustworthy tenants. We provide thorough background checks that include rental history, proof of income, criminal history and credit history.

Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs

Making a profit from your financial investments in Norristown requires that the property is maintained and kept in good condition. We do scheduled exterior and interior inspections while you have tenants, plus follow a regular maintenance schedule. When things go wrong, our network of local handyman contractors is on call 24/7.

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At RENU Management in Norristown, PA, we aim to build communities and protect client investments in real estate. Our highly trained staff has the know-how it takes to help you maximize profit while reducing stress. Contact us today to learn about our property management services can help you reach long-term success.

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