Launching Now: The New Home of RENU Investor Property Management Pennsylvania

With its rich assortment of picturesque villages, charming boroughs, and urban metropolises, the Delaware Valley is one of the nation’s best kept secrets. At Real Investor Property Management Delaware Valley, we aim to provide local property owners with the best customer service around—from tenant screening to monthly bill collection, our talented team of professionals handles it all. Today, we’re thrilled to launch our new online home, in an effort to better serve the clients who have come to trust RPM Delaware Valley.

This new site wouldn’t have been possible without our friends at OpenPotion, one of the industry’s leading developers of property management websites. Of course, the RPM Delaware Valley team also contributed to the site’s creation, sharing our invaluable perspective and insight through the pages of our new home. We can’t wait to share the results with you!

Dedicated Owner and Tenant Portals
As your property manager, we know it’s imperative that we respond to maintenance calls, record requests, and emergencies at a moment’s notice. This site’s dedicated owner and tenant portals make it possible to do exactly that. Both owners and tenants alike can login to the intuitive system, update their respective accounts, and contact our management team. Property owners can also review full financial statements, while tenants have access to pay their monthly rent bill online. These portals allow us to respond to our clients and renters faster than ever before.

Upfront, Honest Information
Entrusting your property to somebody else is a big deal. We want to ensure you have all of the information you need to make the right choice for your property. Our website explores many of the facets of our business, from comprehensive pricing details to bios for the staff that make Real Investor Property Management Delaware Valley shine. We also provide in-depth overviews of the various cities we serve, which help would-be tenants narrow down which community best appeals to their unique needs.

An Integrated Listing System
Finding a well-qualified tenant for your rental is our utmost concern. Without a renter for your property, your bottom line takes a serious hit. The integrated listing system on our site allows us to publicize your vacancies and find a renter as quickly as possible. Applicants can even apply online for rentals in Delaware Valley. In turn, our team works to review the application and make last-minute improvements to your home. Finally, we hand over the keys, stabilizing your rental income for the foreseeable future.

With over 25 years of experience in the property management world, savvy property owners love the service we provide at RPM. The launch of our new site provides our customers with better access to our team, and will help us keep our client’s needs at the forefront of our attention. We send out a special thanks to OpenPotion, and invite all of our clients to spend some time getting to know our new platform—we’re confident you will love what you discover.

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