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Philadelphia, PA is a swiftly growing market to rent out property, but with renting out property comes the chance of getting bad renters. If eviction is the last route, doing it on your own can be tough. In the instance that you are at the final step of sending an eviction notice, RENU Investor Property Management can help. When you partner with RENU Investor Property Management, you’ll work with a reliable firm that has an extensive understanding of Pennsylvania tenant and renter law.

The team at Philadelphia RENU Investor Property Management understands Pennsylvania eviction and tenant law inside and out. Our responsibility is to locate the most reliable renters for your property, but when you need help with eviction, we’re available to offer eviction assistance too. In order to avoid evictions is to check renter history, record inspections of the property, negotiate lease terms, terminate leases and collect monthly rent from your tenants. We can ensure that all the property and safety laws are adhered to help prevent legal issues or a lawsuit with your tenants. Hiring a separate group to navigate the tricky steps that surround eviction can help move the steps along rapidly and painlessly.

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Landlords throughout Philadelphia trust RENU Investor Property Management with their homes. When you need to remove a renter, we’ll be with you through the entire process. You got into the rental industry to make money, so when your tenants cannot bring you rent or damage your property, let us take care of the problem. We work legally and fairly to ensure that you receive the best results for your property. Contact us today to learn more information about this and our other services. No matter if you own only one property in Philadelphia or several throughout the area, RENU Investor Property Management has the knowledge and experience to properly take care of your home.

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